Hello, I am Eunice.

I am a believer of transparency.

Not only, do I strive to capture your moments that are uniquely yours.

But I want transparency from you as well.

Photos are a gift, something so timeless & priceless.

I am here to show that to you.

a logo that connects with you...

I am here to capture moments in time as they happen.I know that some of you are stepping into a new era. 

You are worthy enough to invest in your moments.

What makes my photography different?

The individual behind the camera. 

As we are bringing in a new horizon, you’re entering into something that you may not have valued enough before. 

It is all a new beginning for you or your family.

Family roots are important to me. You are rooted into your family. And I am here to compliment that. 

What our clients are saying

What our clients are saying

Jessica // Louisville

"She took the time to make my youngest, who hates getting his picture taken, feel comfortable! By the end, he actually said he was having fun! Her attention to detail in her photos is amazing. I am a very self critical person, but she brought out the best in me; I actually liked the pictures she took of me by myself! I would recommend Eunice to anyone looking to have their photos made. I haven't had professional pictures made of me and my family in years."

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