My goal is to make your experience as stress free as possible. I describe my photography as a "lifestyle" + aspire to tell your story free of any stress or awkwardness you may feel. My goal is to capture every RAW emotion, every REAL smile, every TRUE story there is to tell. We will stay away from any over posed look + we will find your own style, while we have fun throughout this whole experience. Each + every session is unique to me. Another perspective, another inspiration, another relevancy that adds my significance to.

I am a life style photographer based out of Louisville, Kentucky. There has been a camera in my hands ever since Junior year in high school. I bought my own + first camera back in 2015, and have never looked back. I hardly realized that I'd be where I am now, writing this paragraph on my own website.

I've lived in Kentucky since I was eight years old and call it my only home. I live in what I like to call, a little house with a big dog! A good ole man's best friend, aka my German Shepherd who thinks she's queen in her castle, aka our house. I'm newly married to my hero, I'm a law enforcement wife who holds every LEO family close to my heart.

When I'm not looking through my lens, you can find me at a nearby coffee shop, as I never thought I'd be at the point of my life when I'd need two cups of coffee a day.