• Eunice Noemi

Well, hello there...

I never thought I would be where I am with my photography now.

Dreaming about launching a website with my name included was a dream, a goal.

Something to look forward to.

And yet, here I am now.

My name is Eunice, and here I am, dedicating this first blog about what I love to do most.

This past spring, I received the greatest opportunity to capture an amazing moment in life, of someone who I admire very much.

The Wedding of Ganesh & Ashli was one of a lifetime. Many friends from all over the country & the world came to celebrate, one lovely couple coming together as one.

The American Indian Wedding. Every detail was thought deeply about.

The laugher, love & excitement, from two families coming into one was heart-warming.

Capturing the love for each other was effortless... refreshing

Here is a peek into their breathtaking day...

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